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We Design, Engineer, Manufacture & Supply All Types of Conveyor Systems For Unit & Bulk Materials .

MIT-MOL  is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of unit, powder and bulk material handling conveyors and equipments since 1990.

Our products are found in practically every industry and are relied upon to improvise efficiency, maximize production and reduce labor costs.

With our team having an experience of over 35 years , Mit-Mol provides each and every customer with engineering expertise, application excellence and unsurpassed customer service. Determined to constantly provide customers with the latest technology, mitmol is continually testing improvements and developing new products.

We can design, manufacture and install custom -built conveyor systems to your specification. Our design team works with you to analyze your business needs, and to suggest innovative solutions to perfectly match your manufacturing or handling requirements. From simple belt conveyors, to complex automation systems, mitmol has the experience to deliver robust, effective systems. We are conversant with most materials handling systems and provide solutions in practically all areas which maybe broadly classified:-

Our design innovation and flexible approach to build to the customer’s specifications in the formative years of the conveyor market has helped us to establish leading position in the industry.

Powder & Bulk Materials
    • Soaps
    • Detergents
    • Detergent Raw Materials
    • Chemicals
    • Fertilizers
    • Cereals
    • Snacks
    • Rice & Other Food Products
    • Foods & Other Bakery Items
    • Shelled Nuts
    • Small Machine Parts and
    • Many More.......
Units & Heavy Loads
    • Tablets..(Soap,Matches,Medicines..)
    • Bottels, Jars, Pets, Cans
    • Bars, Chocolate Cases
    • Packets and Sachets
    • Cartons and Tins
    • Crates and Cases
    • Tyres and Other Rubber Products
    • Bags
    • Bulk Bags
    • Bins
    • Totes
    • Buggies
    • Trayes
    • Boxes Upto 2 Tones and Many More...
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